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Lung Ultrasound: Alveolar Consolidation - Shred Sign

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domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016


emDocs - October 28, 2016 - Authors: End B and Conroy M
Edited by: Robertson J and Koyfman A
..."How we can improve
  • Severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis share very similar presentations, are both life threatening, and require immediate lifesaving treatment with epinephrine.
  • Avoid a slow progression to epinephrine by thinking alternative medications (Benadryl, H2 antagonists, steroids) will work. The time of onset of these medications is too long to prevent severe reactions.
  • Consider glucagon for anaphylactic reactions in patients on beta-blockers.
  • The anaphylactic reaction itself is often responsible for coronary vasospasm and arrhythmia Do not avoid giving epinephrine because of these potential rea ctions.
  • Always prescribe Epi-pen® to all allergic reaction patients. Make sure to counsel these patients on its use in potential future episodes."