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Hypertensive Emergency Treatment

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domingo, 9 de octubre de 2016

Levosimendan in Sepsis

The Bottom Line - October 7, 2016- By Steve Mathieu
Gordon. NEJM 2017; October 5. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1609409
"Clinical Question
  • In adult patients who have sepsis, does levosimendan reduce the incidence and severity of acute organ dysfunction compared with placebo?
Authors’ Conclusions
  • The addition of levosimendan to standard treatment in adults with sepsis was not associated with less severe organ dysfunction or lower mortality. Levosimendan was associated with a lower likelihood of successful weaning from mechanical ventilation and a higher risk of supraventricular tachyarrhythmia
The Bottom Line
  • In adults with sepsis, a 24 hour infusion of levosimendan, in addition to standard treatment, was not associated with less severe organ dysfunction or mortality compared with placebo and standard treatment. There may be associated harm from levosimendan given the higher incidence of haemodynamic instability and the longer duration of mechanical ventilation."