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lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

Orbital Complications of Sinusitis

60 Second EM
60secondEM (Visual Diagnosis # 17) - By markpbrady - October 21, 2016 
"A 14 yr male presents with pain and swelling to the left eye. Mother states he recently had a mild illness with cough and sinus congestion within the past 2 weeks. Over the past 3-4 days he has developed left eye pain and swelling. 
He currently has a fever of 101.2 °F (38.4°C) and the rest of his vital signs are within normal limits. 
Physical exam reveals proptosis and ophthalmoplegia, orbital pain and tenderness as well as a dark red discoloration of the eyelids, conjunctival chemosis and hyperemia of the conjunctiva.

  1. What conditions should you consider in the differential diagnosis?
  2. What testing should you consider?
  3. What are the orbital complications of sinusitis?"