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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Perimortem Procedures

 [Peer-Reviewed, Web Publication] Zaidi H, Pinchbeck C (2016, June 21). Perimortem Procedures: Yes or No? [NUEM Blog. Expert Commentary by Lu D]. Retrieved from http://www.nuemblog.com/blog/perimortem-procedures/
..."Examining post mortem practice of the procedure has led to a spectrum of opinions on the topic over the last several decades. Opponents of the practice cite that the process can be perceived as disrespect for the human body and may compromise the relationship between the providers and family during a critical time irrespective of approach. Cultural, religious, and community practices as well as level of medical insight may all influence a family's perception of a request for an unknown procedure on their recently lost loved one. Many argue that the approach or request no matter how conscientious would leave some family members in horror and that there are few educational endeavors worth such an impact.
Additionally, state laws and hospital policies all have varying levels of medicolegal interpretation on a subject that is often still too infrequently discussed. Legal rights over the body exist currently with ‘quasi-property rights’ for the family and loved ones; these refer to the interests of relatives for cadavers and are allowed possession and control of the body for the purposes of proper burial and disposal in accordance to the decedent’s beliefs and values. This legal semi-state has been used by both proponents and opponents of postmortem procedures as well as organ procurement for and against practices with courts siding with varying sides depending on individual circumstances..:"