Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Andexanet Alfa

St.Emlyn’s - By Laura howard - December 12, 2016
"We are in a new age of anticoagulation, Warfarin is becoming a drug of the past. To the benefit of our patients we are no longer dragging them into hospital once a week to check their INR. The so-called “DOACs” (Direct Oral Anticoagulants – Apixaban, Rivaroxaban) are being used to anti-coagulate patients with PEs, DVTs and AF. We have covered this here on St.Emlyn’s before: click here for DOAC and anticoag blogs from St.Emlyn’s
However this can be a scary prospect to the emergency physician. What do we do with the bleeding patient on these DOACs? How do we reverse them safely and effectively? This week we have a trial in the NEJM tackling this very question involving Andexanet Alfa, studying its effects on the reversal of DOACs in the bleeding patient."