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Sunday, December 18, 2016


ECMO Boot Camp
Maryland CC Project - By jim Lantry
Please note: listening to this course does not give you enough information to practice ECMO on your own. You also will not have enough knowledge to consider yourself an expert (but it’s a good start!)
Today you are welcome to a rarity in modern medicine, we will posting an ENTIRE ECMO course online, for free! This will be a weekly event for a three week stretch. I hope you enjoy the lectures and share them with all your colleagues. 
Today we continue with day 2 of ECMO training. The speakers today have been practicing ECMO for numerous years and what you are going to hear is information garnered from hundreds of ECMO cases. This course is tailored to both give beginners some foundation on ECMO and also introduce some novel concepts to those in the audience that consider themselves experts.
Today we wrap up our wonderful tour of ECMO-ology with a few lectures that will give you a few ideas on the finer things of ECMO: what can go wrong, what can go right, and of course what we need to do to get the patient off ECMO and back home. With the conclusion of today’s lectures most would agree that you have the basic knowledge required to both understand what ECMO is and what ECMO can do. You also should have the foundation required to start looking into hands-on learning situations through your home institution.