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miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2016

Gabrahat (Anxiety)

EM Didactic - December 26, 2016 - By Sagar Galwankar
  • Basic Approach should be T/P/R/BP/Pulse Ox
  • I always order a CBC LFT RFT EKG Trop CXR. Looking for Rhythm abnormalities is also important. Fever can also cause Gabrahat.
  • In Females in the Pregnancy Age group a HCG-UA is ordered
  • If Patient has SOB I will R/O Thoracic Causes like Dissection/Pneumothorax and PE.
  • If Patient has a presentation of Altered Mental Status I always order a CT Head.
  • If Toxicology screen is available, I will order one.
  • Co-Symptoms should guide further investigations.
  • Discussing with the Relatives in key to educate them- that this is not Hysteria / Tension / Stress. Those are the diagnosis to be considered once Major Life threatening causes are ruled out.
  • I have often Seen Marital Discord / Intimate Partner Abuse to be causes of GABRAHAT. So Going deeper into the history. Sitting with the patient with Privacy is the key.
  • Anxiety / Panic attack also can be on the differential once Major causes are ruled out.
  • Being a Compassionate Emergency Physician is the key. Communication is the answer and Competency to Care is crucial.