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miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016

Push Dose Pressors

Mizzou EM - December 6, 2016  - By mizzouem 
neostick  epi
..."Use of push-dose pressors has recently transitioned into the ED setting, despite being used for decades in other practice areas. Its use has gained popularity due to increasing evidence that peri-intubation hypotension is strongly associated with post-intubation cardiac arrest (Heffner 2013, Kim 2014). Push-dose pressors may also provide an important bridge to vasopressor infusion while the medication is being mixed or pump is being set up... 
There is no current standard of care for using push dose pressors in the ED; therefore, its use is still largely dependent on physician discretion and judgment. However, with careful preparation and administration of these agents, correcting transient hypotension can be life-saving in the appropriate clinical circumstances."