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Monday, January 23, 2017

Research Priorities in EM

St.Emlyn's - By Simon Carley - January 23, 2017
"We’ve blogged before about the James Lind Alliance project that’s been running with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. In brief this is an exercise that engages the profession, researchers and patients to come to a consensus on which topics are the most important for future research. The alliance has done some amazing work with other organisations and around specific diseases that have led to successful research funding. In brief, this matters and it can drive the UK research agenda. 
The process started some 18 months ago, but last week the final meeting took place in Manchester where clinicians, patients and researchers came together to rank the final 30 topics to be taken forward. 
I was honored to be joined by Jason Smith who ran the project, Sandra Regan from the JLA, Sam McIntyre from RCEM and Liza Keating from Reading for the podcast. A special mention for Liza who has done really remarkable things to make ED research happen in Reading, if you ever want inspiration to get research up and running in your department give Liza a call..."