Thursday, February 23, 2017

Aortic Dissection

Emergency Medicine Cases
Emergency Medicine Cases - February 2017 - By Anton Helman
Aortic Dissection Live from The EM Cases Course  aortic dissetion live at the em cases course
"Take Home Points for Aortic Dissection Diagnosis and Management
  • Remember the big pain pearls when taking a history: The 3 important questions, aortic dissection is the subarachnoid hemorrhage of the torso, migrating pain, colicky pain + opioids = badness and pain that comes and goes can still be a dissection.
  • Look for Marphan’s, listen for an aortic regurgitation murmur and feel for a pulse deficit.
  • Think not only about CP +1 but also 1+ CP
  • Know the CXR findings of loss or aortic knob/aortopulmonary window and the calcium sign, use POCUS to look for an intimal flap and pericardial effusion
  • Don’t be misled by a positive troponin
  • When it comes to management, treat pain first, then HR and then BP"