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martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Assessment of bendopnea

European Journal of Heart Failure
Baeza-Trinidad R, Mosquera-Lozano J, El Bikri L. 
Hearth Failure 2017; 19 (1): 111-115 - DOI: 10.1002/ejhf.610
"Bendopnea is related to NYHA functional class III–IV, orthopnoea, PND, EJVP, and abdominal fullness, but not to BMI or cardiomegaly and hepatomegaly. Our study showed that bendopnea is an advanced HF symptom and it is related to mortality in the short term (6 months), particularly in those with advanced NYHA functional class (III–IV) and in those with HFrEF. Finally, bendopnea results in moderate to severe limitation in patients' QoL, which is also related to BMI."