Monday, February 13, 2017

Management of elderly major trauma patients

London Major Trauma System - February 2017
"This policy applies to adult patients aged 70 years and over (but this could be younger if frailty is deemed an issue in patients younger than 70) who are admitted to an MTC following traumatic injury. This policy also applies to the early identification of elderly trauma patients admitted to critical care...
A pan London elderly trauma group, comprising of multi-disciplinary professionals with interest and expertise in managing older injured patients, convened in 2016 to develop clinical guidelines and commissioning standards specifically for elderly major trauma. This report summarises the work of the group and aims to improve recognition of injury, clinical management, outcomes and the patient and family experience. Admission pathways for MTCs and TUs are supplemented with ageing-specific suggestions for the clinical management of elderly major trauma. Guidance in this report should be used in conjunction with the existing local policies, NICE guidance NG39, Major trauma: Assessment and initial management and Trauma Quality Improvement Network System (TQuINS) standards . A clear message from the group was that elderly trauma patients with multiple injuries are often only identified retrospectively and that prospective recognition of multiple injuries is key to improving overall care and outcomes. To this end, a suggested ED screening tool (which will require validation) is attached as Appendix 1 (page 26)."