Saturday, February 18, 2017

The ED Transfer

emergency department patient transfer St.Emlyn's
St.Emlyn's - By Natalie May - February 17, 2017
"Depending on your department the frequency with which you are faced with the need to transfer a critically ill intubated patient may vary but it is something we think all departments face at some point.
Common examples might be:
  • The intubated major trauma patient, needing to be transferred to radiology for imaging
  • The intubated post-cardiac arrest patient, needing to be transferred to an intensive care setting.
While chatting about my experiences in prehospital and retrieval medicine at Sydney HEMS, Simon and I realised that we were both in the position of having undertaken these transfers at various stages of seniority in our careers and that now, with greater experience, wisdom and hindsight (!) we have an awareness that we could have done a much better job of it, particularly when we were relatively junior.
We put together the podcast below to outline our experiences and thoughts on how we would now approach this potentially very risky clinical undertaking and we would love to hear your thoughts on what we had to say..."