Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The future of EM Education

St.Emlyn’s - By Simon Carley - February 7, 2017
"It’s a special year for UK Emergency Medicine. 2017 is the 50th anniversary of our speciality and the RCEM is planning a series of events to celebrate this. It’s also the 30th anniverary of the EM section at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, and arguably the RSM is kicking off a year of reflection with their 30th anniversary meeting in London that took place earlier this month.
Peter Williams, section president, put together a great program highlighting the past, present and future of EM with speakers from the UK, North America and South Africa. My contribution was to talk around the social future of emergency medicine education and to illustrate how technology and social interaction is disrupting the traditional education model.
There are 3 key messages in the talk linked to past blog posts and presentations. I’ve collated them here as a record for the day and as a way of sharing the message as far as we can.
  1. Techology, Memory and Processing
  2. The social age
  3. Impact and engagement"