Thursday, March 23, 2017

MDCalc for the perfect intubation

PulmCrit (EMCrit)
PulmCrit - March 22, 2017 - By Josh Farkas
"Imagine you went to buy an expensive piece of clothing. Rather than measuring your size, the store owner simply said “well, on average most folks require a medium, so let's try that on, we can always re-size it later.” You would be irritated that they were wasting your time. When you go clothes shopping, you expect measurement to be made so that the clothes fit right the first time. The patients we intubate deserve this same level of consideration.
  • Emerging evidence continues to support the importance of ventilating patients using lung-protective tidal volumes.
  • Height-based estimation of ETT depth may allow for a simple, protocolized approach that avoids right mainstem intubation.
  • A new MDCalc equation may facilitate intubation safety, by simultaneously calculating lung-protective tidal volumes and reasonable ETT depth."