Monday, March 20, 2017

Top trauma papers 2016

St.Emlyn’s - By Simon Carley - March 17, 2017
"This week I am off to one of the most enjoyable conferences I can get to in the UK. The Trauma Care conference is usually held around the Midlands and brings together everyone involved in trauma care for 4 days of learning and fun. My role is usually to go and present the top 10 trauma papers of the year and so it is again this year (2016-17 and a couple sneakingin fom late 2015). In previous years I’ve really enjoyed this1 and I’m looking forward to it again in 2017.
The system is fairly well established now. I use a combination of regular PubMed searches, together with #FOAMed sites such as REBELEM, The Bottom Line, RESUS.ME, EMLitofNote, and of course the wider St.Emlyn’s team to scan the literature from 2016 up until the present day. I look for articles that ideally have three features. I want them to be able to change what we do, be of high quality and tio be interesting to the audience. This is usually an easy tasks as there are lots of papers out there, but not so much this year. I struggled to find those game changing papers around trauma which really surprised me. Trauma is a huge topic, with an enormous societal impact and yet the number of high quality RCTs is pretty damn small, especially so around the initial management and resuscitation of patients. Having said that I think we have found 10 papers that are interesting and useful to know about. If you find some more then let me know. We can always add in some extras.
Here’s my top 10..."