Saturday, April 29, 2017

Acute Retroviral Syndrome In The ED

NU.EM Blog - By Caffrey C - Edited by McCloskey C - Expert Reviewer Angarone M
Citation: [Peer-Reviewed, Web Publication] Caffrey C, McCloskey C (2016, April 5). Acute Retroviral Syndrome In The ED. [NUEM Blog. Expert Peer Review by Angarone M]. Retrieved from
"HIV testing does not get a lot of love in your average emergency department. Since 2006, the CDC has recommended HIV screening in all adult patients in high prevalence areas, ditching lengthy “opt-in” style consenting and counseling in the process [1]. However, despite these clear consensus recommendations, we are bad at them. Surveys have shown that in areas of relatively high HIV prevalence, less than 10% of hospitals report complying with screening guidelines [2].
This post is not to rail against the missed opportunity of failing to implement widespread routine HIV testing or the innumerable stresses that make such compliance impossible for many departments. Rather, it is to focus on the recognition and diagnosis of acute retroviral syndrome, an area in which we as diagnosticians can have a tremendous benefit."