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miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

European Curriculum of EM

April 19, 2017 
"A small committee from the EUSEM Education committee and the EMERGE on behalf of the UEMS Section and Board of Emergency medicine has revised the European Curriculum of Emergency medicine to align it to the recent developments of the discipline. The core curriculum exists to identify the knowledge, skills and behaviors that the physician must possess. This naturally changes as the specialty evolves and in the light of experience of using the curriculum to guide training and assessment. This updated curriculum includes new topics or clarifies existing topics where they are relevant or pertinent to current emergency medicine practice.
This allows alignment of the curriculum to the topics tested in the EBEEM (European Board Examination in Emergency Medicine) and ensures that the developing emergency physician knows all the competences required for the scope of practice of emergency medicine.
See the revised curriculum here."