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Sunday, January 21, 2018

3 Must-Read from 2017

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Medscape - By Amal Mattu - January 19, 2018
"The 2017 calendar year had many outstanding articles focused on high-risk topics that directly relate to emergency medicine clinical practice. As in past years, I solicited my colleagues for their opinions on the best and most useful journal publications of the year. I received dozens of selections to consider that ranged from deadly conditions, such as myocardial infarction and stroke, to more benign everyday conditions, such as pharyngitis.
I narrowed the selections to articles that provided (1) practical, immediately useful recommendations and (2) would help critically ill patients in the emergency department (ED). Given the space limitations, I again have chosen only three articles.
I'll make the usual disclaimer that these are not necessarily the best articles from a methodological standpoint, but they are practice-changing and focus on high-risk conditions where lives are at stake. This year, I also chose articles that have not received much fanfare at conferences I've attended or on social media. My summaries will be brief, and I encourage readers to seek further details from the articles themselves to learn best how to incorporate the information into your clinical practice..."