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martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

Alcohol sniffing and nausea

St. Emlyn´s - By Simon Caarley - February 25, 2018
..."So where does that leave us?
Well, we have two recent RCTs that suggest sniffing alcohol swabs works. They both have similar flaws, but they are consistent. Until we know better it seems like a reasonable tool for the ED clinician who wants to reduce nausea quickly.
A second question would be whether this study is robust enough to suggest that we should swap Ondansetron for alcohol swabs. In that regard my answer is no. These are really interesting data, but it’s not robust enough to go that far (and in the authors defence they neither designed this study to do that, nor do they suggest it).
So. Get sniffing. Personally, I’m off to get a whiff of a rather nice Albarino I’ve got chilling in the fridge."