Sunday, February 18, 2018

Travel History

St. Emlyn´s - September 22, 2017 - By Janos Baombe
"Why is this important for the EP?
Global international travel has exponentially risen in the past decades and a large proportion of the destinations include tropical and subtropical countries.
The importance of taking a travel history to establish the possibility of an imported infection has been emphasised over half a century ago by Maegraith in his publication “Unde Venis?“1 (where are you coming from? – in Latin)
Most post-travel illnesses can be managed on an out-patient basis with appropriate follow-up. Some patients, especially those with systemic febrile illnesses, or those who are clinically unwell may however need hospital admission. Furthermore, potentially severe, transmissible infections require enhanced infection control measures and may require higher levels of care.
Emergency physicians (and other admitting clinicians!) are unfortunately often omitting to include a full travel history in their medical history taking for a variety of reasons (lack of knowledge, time pressures, volume of patients etc). The absence of a travel history in a patient with potential imported illness can affect not only clinical care but also have some severe public health implications..."