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Rebellion in EM 2019: 3 Things That Have Changed the Way I Intubate

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sábado, 31 de marzo de 2018

Withdraw resuscitation

St.Emlyn’s - By Richard Taylor - March 13, 2018
..."If confronted with a situation where withdrawal of resuscitation may be considered in the ED also remember the following: Medicine, especially critical care medicine, is a team game. Decisions like these should be taken in concert with other senior (read Consultant) colleagues, and always in discussion with the patient’s family. Further, when considering the management of an incapacitous patient (in England) one must consider the Mental Capacity Act3, taking into account previously expressed wishes, the patient’s values, any Lasting Power of Attorney and so forth. Finally, the clinician in this situation must always explore the possibility of organ or tissue donation, which may provide some solace to relatives, and hope to others..."