Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Articles of the year (EMU 2018)

Hand out for the articles of the year lecture at EMU 2018
First10EM - By Justin Morgenstern - April 25, 2018PosApril 25, 2018
"I love evidence based medicine, but I definitely understand the criticism that EBM nerds like myself can come across as very negative. Thrombolytics don’t work. BNP isn’t helpful. Stress testing is a sham. Idarucizumab? Yeah right. I think this scientific criticism is crucial, but I understand that it isn’t always fun. So when I was asked to present my favourite articles of the year at the North York General Emergency Medicine Update, I decided to stay entirely positive. I only chose papers that were potentially practice changing, but more importantly, that could have a positive impact on clinical practice. These are the papers I chose..."