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Rebellion in EM 2019: 3 Things That Have Changed the Way I Intubate

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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Optimal Energy in Afib

R.E:B.E.L.EM - April 23, 2018 - By Salim Rezaie
Post Peer Reviewed By: Anand Swaminathan
"Clinical Take Home Point: In patients with persistent atrial fibrillation being evaluated for electrical cardioversion, using a non-escalating 200J first shock strategy, with biphasic machines has a higher success at conversion to normal sinus rhythm with no difference in duration of procedure, amount of sedation administered, or post-shock arrhythmias compared to an escalating (100J – 150J – 200J) shock strategy. Persistent atrial fibrillation is much more likely to not respond to electricity at lower doses where as in patients with new onset atrial fibrillation (<48hrs), lower doses may be feasible as these patients are more likely to be electro-sensitive."