Saturday, May 5, 2018

Top 10 Trauma Papers 2017-2018

St Emlyn’s - By Simon Carley - April 18, 2018 
"This week I am at the Trauma Care UK conference. If you’ve not been to this one then you should, it’s friendly, great value and aims to influence and engage with all aspects of trauma care from injury prevention right through to rehab. You can go for just the day if you want to focus on your area of interest or spread out and hear what the other parts of the trauma pathway are up to.
I’m delivering a short talk on the top 10 trauma papers over the last year or so which is always a pleasure to do. It gives me an excuse to go back over the literature and to ask myself if there is anything that we should be adopting in Virchester based on the latest evidence. I did a similar talk a couple of years ago which you can see here,
My usual approach is to search through the literature for those studies that can have an impact at the bedside, for papers that are relevant to the clinician and not just the researcher and if possible for those that might challenge our current practice.
Despite trauma being responsible for an enormous disease burden in our societies I was once again struck by the paucity of clinically relevant papers in the management of major trauma out there. If I was looking for theory or lab-based articles then I would have had no problem at all, there are many papers out there looking at stuff happening in test tubes, but I am naturally wary of these. Far too many therapies look good in the lab, but that does not transfer to clinical practice and so I’ve not really included them (though if you want to see some recommendations from Rich Carden on papers worth reading then I would start with these ones1–6 ).
So, my top 10 is intended to be real world, influential and pragmatic. You will no doubt disagree and I apologise if I have not included your personal favourite (or heaven forbid failed to include the paper you authored  ). If you have better suggestions then please do add them in the comments..."