Friday, June 29, 2018

Brain death / COWS

The Dantastic Mr. Tox & Howard - Season 2 Episode 1 – June 27, 2018 - By Tox & Hound
"Activate your cerebral cortex exploring the determination of brain death with the world’s greatest neurotoxicologist!
Join Dan & Howard as they chat with Dr. Laura Tormoehlen about her experience as a neurologist and toxicologist. Dispel the myths and common misperceptions about the determination of brain death in the toxicology patient and learn the mimics that you need to look out for. Beware the oculovestibular reflex and welcome to Season 2!..."

Delicious Links
  1. ACMT Position Statement: Determining Brain Death in Adults After Drug Overdose.
  2. American Academy of Neurology. Evidence-based guideline update: Determining brain death in adults.
  3. Pediatric determination of brain death. Guidelines for the determination of brain death in infants and children: an update of the 1987 task force recommendations.
  4. Know your local regulations. Organ donation legislation and policy
  5. Scary. Baclofen overdose mimicking brain death.
  6. Grab your copy of Dr. Schaumburg’s excellent textbook. Experimental and Clinical Neurotoxicology.
  7. A video demonstrating cold calorics in an awake patient. Nauseating.
  8. Fascinating article from the New Yorker. What Does It Mean to Die?