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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Epinephrine in Cardiac Arrest

St Emlyn’s - By Simon Carley - july 19, 2018
"Epinephrine use in cardiac arrest is controversial. Despite patho-physiological arguments3 that it can improve brain perfusion and even that it may improve the rate of ROSC (Return of Spontaneous Circulation) many have expressed the concern that this does not then translate into real survivors to hospital discharge or to those who have survived WITH a good neurological outcome...
There is uncertainty then in whether we should continue to use Epinephrine in cardiac arrest, and so we are delighted to see that the long awaited PARAMEDIC-2 trial is published today which will hopefully answer the question (Ed – which is a surprise in some ways that we’ve never really tested this before).
The abstract is below, but as we always say, please read the full paper (which is open access at NEJM for the moment). You should also read the excellent editorial by Callaway and Donnino..."