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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Quality of Care and the ED

An online community of practice for Canadian EM physicians
CanadiEm - By Ahmed Taher - August 1, 2018
"You have just finished a busy ED shift on a warm summer evening and feel that you have been able to help a lot of people today. You plan to visit a patio and relax as you have earned it! On your way out you overhear a patient and their family members saying that they came to this ED because they heard it was “the best”, and they would never go back to the other ED as the care isn’t as good. You think about this on your scenic drive to the patio and wonder why the patient thinks your ED is “the best”? How is “the best” being measured? Who makes that determination? And how can EDs in general have good quality? You think about elements like the ED size, how many patients are being seen, the rate at which they are seen, and how satisfied they are. Your mind wanders about many different elements, but how do you reconcile them? And where is a good starting point?..."