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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

4th Definition of MI (2018)

European Society of Cardiology
Kristian Thygesen K et al.  European Heart Journal, ehy462. Published: 25 August 2018
...Studies have shown that myocardial injury, defined by an elevated cardiac troponin (cTn) value, is frequently encountered clinically and is associated with an adverse prognosis. Although myocardial injury is a prerequisite for the diagnosis of MI, it is also an entity in itself. To establish a diagnosis of MI, criteria in addition to abnormal biomarkers are required. Non-ischaemic myocardial injury may arise secondary to many cardiac conditions such as myocarditis, or may be associated with non-cardiac conditions such as renal failure. Therefore, for patients with increased cTn values, clinicians must distinguish whether patients have suffered a non-ischaemic myocardial injury or one of the MI subtypes. If there is no evidence to support the presence of myocardial ischaemia, a diagnosis of myocardial injury should be made. This diagnosis can be changed if subsequent evaluation indicates criteria for MI. The current Fourth Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction Consensus Document reflects these considerations through adhering to the clinical approach of the definition of MI..."
Spectrum of myocardial injury, ranging from no injury to myocardial infarction. Various clinical entities may involve these myocardial categories, e.g. ventricular tachyarrhythmia, heart failure, kidney disease, hypotension/shock, hypoxaemia, and anaemia. cTn = cardiac troponin; URL = upper reference limit. aNo myocardial injury = cTn values ≤ 99th percentile URL or not detectable. bMyocardial injury = cTn values > 99th percentile URL. cMyocardial infarction = clinical evidence of myocardial ischaemia and a rise and/or fall of cTn values > 99th percentile URL.