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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Syncope vs Near-Syncope

REBEL EM - Emergency Medicine Blog
R.E.B.E.L.EM - January 07, 2019 - By Anand Swaminathan
"Authors Conclusions:
“Near-syncope confers risk to patients similar to that of syncope for the composite outcome of 30-day death or serious clinical event.”
Our Conclusions: 
In older adults (> 60 years of age), near-syncope appears to portend an equal risk of death or serious clinical event at 30 days when compared to syncope. These two entities should be considered as one when decisions are made in terms of evaluation in the ED.
Potential to Impact Current Practice: 
This data along with the work of Thirugnasambandamoorthy in 2015 has the potential to change the paradigm for many emergency clinicians who provide a different weight to syncope and near-syncope. This data should not be applied to patients < 60 as this group was not studied
Bottom Line: 
Near-syncope and syncope aren’t so different in terms of outcomes in older patients and should be considered equivalent presentations in terms of evaluation."