Sunday, January 20, 2019

TIA Update

EM Cases (emDocs) - January 18, 2019 - By Anton Heiman 
Originally published at M Cases – Visit to listen to accompanying podcast
"This is Part 1 of EM Cases two part podcast on TIA and Stroke with Walter Himmel and David Dushenski – TIA Update – Risk Stratification, Workup and Dual Antiplatelet Therapy.

Much has changed in recent years when it comes to TIA risk stratification, workup and antiplatelet therapy. In this podcast we use the overarching theme of timing to elucidate how to distinguish true TIA from the common TIA mimics, the importance of timing in the workup of TIA, why the duration of therapy with dual antiplatelet therapy and timing of starting anticoagulation in patient with atrial fibrillation, contributes to the difference between preventing catastrophic strokes and causing intracranial hemorrhage. Remember that stroke is a leading cause of adult disability and is the third leading cause of death in Canada. It’s time we paid more attention to TIA…"