Sunday, March 10, 2019

2018-2019 St. Emlyn´s Top 10 Trauma papers

St. Emlyn´s - By Simon Carley - March 6, 2019
"I’m back in the Midlands at the excellent and great value TraumaUK conference. If you’ve not been to this conference then I’d strongly suggest you do next year. It’s an amazing program and incredible value for money.
As usual I’m in the emergency medicine stream bringing together the top 10 trauma papers from 2018-2019.
As ever it’s a bit disappointing to find relatively few papers to talk about as I try and focus on those papers that might lead to a change in practice. Although there are a lot of publications out there, once you start applying the filters of applicability, quality and interest that number plummets.
So here is my top 10 list based entirely on my own opinion. There is some repetition from past posts, but I’m OK with that as we can call it spaced repetition"