Thursday, August 1, 2019

IV Thiamine

EM PharmD
EM PharmD - July 23, 2019 - By Singh R
..."Bottom Line
The data involving a large number of both IVP doses and patients without adverse reactions to thiamine IVP gathered from decades-old literature, new literature, and recent responses from practitioners around the USA strongly suggests that thiamine 100 mg IVP is reasonably safe, and 200 mg IVP may be considered safe, too. 
Even though publications are in the works, conducting more studies or sharing an MUE abstract is encouraged because people tend to like recent data. Moreover, maybe your hospital has already been doing IVP thiamine for years without issue and it’s not even on your radar, but I’m sure there is another hospital on the cusp to make a decision to change from IVPB to IVP that would benefit from your experience. Never underestimate the power of sharing knowledge, you can literally help change and improve practice."