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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Pregnancy-Adapted YEARS Algorithm for PE

R.E:B.E.L.EM - August 15, 2019 - By Anand Swaminathan
"Authors Conclusions: “Pulmonary embolism was safely ruled out by the pregnancy-adapted YEARS diagnostic algorithm across all trimesters of pregnancy. CT pulmonary angiography was avoided in 32 to 65% of patients.” 
Our Conclusions: Overall, we agree with the authors conclusions. The pregnancy-adapted YEARS algorithm safely ruled out PE in this cohort of patients with a small risk of VTE at 3 months if the patient was negative on initial visit. 
Potential to Impact Current Practice: External validation of this approach is needed but, application of the pregnancy-adapted YEARS algorithm has the potential to safely decrease CTPA use in pregnant women in whom the clinician has a concern for PE. 
Bottom Line: The Pregnancy-Adapted YEARS algorithm has both face validity and is pragmatic for clinical practice. However, before implementation of this algorithm into everyday practice, an external validation study would be warranted."