Friday, January 17, 2020

Post Contrast Acute Kidney Injury

R.E.B.EL.EM - January 16, 2020 - By Salim Rezaie
..."Author Conclusion: “Our study findings could serve as useful reference for physicians who are concerned about performing computed tomography pulmonary angiography for fear of renal function deterioration.”
Clinical Take Home Point: This current study shows that the last eGFR prior to CTPA in patients with suspected acute pulmonary embolism in the ED was not associated with occurrence of PC-AKI, even if the eGFR was <30mL/min/1.73m2, but there was certainly a trend toward increased AKI in this patient population. What we need now is not another retrospective observational study, and although a randomized clinical trial would be great, it is unlikely to ever happen. We now have a huge amount of data saying it doesn’t matter what the kidney function of a patient is and we should start to change protocols to allow IV contrast in patients where critical diagnoses need to be made."