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Thursday, April 2, 2020

US-Guided Peripheral IV Catheters

REBEL Cast Ep78 - April 02, 2020 - By Salim Rezaie
"Reference: Bahl A et al. Ultralong Versus Standard Long Peripheral Intravenous Catheters: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Ultrasonographically Guided Catheter Survival. Ann Emerg Med 2020. PMID: 31955940
Author Conclusion: 
"This study demonstrated increased catheter survival when the ultralong compared with the standard long ultrasonographically guided intravenous peripheral catheter was used, whereas insertion characteristics and safety appeared similar.”
Clinical Take Home Point: 
This study supports the contention that a longer length of catheter in the vein for US-guided PIVs in patients with difficult access increases the longevity of the catheter (The key is it is not the length of the catheter BUT the length of the catheter in the vein). ≥2.75cm of catheter in the vein leads to optimal catheter survival regardless of the catheter type. Additionally, because these catheters have similar insertion technique as standard length catheters, no additional training is required for insertion competency."