Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Mammalian Bites

emDocs - October 12, 2020 - By Rizzo E and Zummer J
Reviewed by: Koyfman A; Long B; Santistevan J
"Pearls and Pitfalls
  • Clenched fist injuries (“fight bites”) are high risk injuries that require antibiotics and hand surgery consultation.
  • Augmentin is the oral antibiotic of choice for both prophylaxis and treatment of infected mammalian bites.
  • In the United States, bats are the most common cause of rabies while in other countries dogs cause most cases. Patients at risk, including children and intoxicated or mentally disabled adults found in the same room as a bat, should get both rabies immunoglobulin and vaccination.
  • HIV transmission from bites is very rare however if a patient has a significant wound to their hand after a bite from an HIV positive patient, especially one with a lot of bleeding in the mouth, PEP should be discussed."