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Thursday, November 26, 2020

IM Tranexamic Acid

REBEL EM - November 26, 2020 - By Shyam Murali
Paper: Grassin-Delyle et al. Pharmacokinetics of intramuscular tranexamic acid in bleeding trauma patients: a clinical trial. British Journal of Anaesthesia 2020. PMID: 330109274
"Clinical Question: In bleeding trauma patients, will intramuscular TXA achieve concentrations sufficient to inhibit fibrinolysis?
Author Conclusions:
“Intramuscular TXA is well tolerated with only mild and transient injection site reactions. Intramuscular TXA is rapidly absorbed, reaching therapeutic concentrations within 15 min. Blood lactate and signs of shock had no apparent impact on the rate of absorption. Our results have major implications for trauma care, particularly in low- and middle-income countries where i.m. TXA could expand access to treatment.”
Clinical Take Home Point:
IM TXA appears to be rapidly absorbed and reaches therapeutic concentrations quickly. While this paper does not change our current clinical practice here in the US, it does open doors for further research and potentially impacts the care of trauma patients in healthcare systems of low- and middle-income countries."