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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Pack Abscesses?

PEMBLOG - By Brad Sobolewski - April 7th, 2021
So, in conclusion…
These three studies seem to suggest that in smaller abscesses there is probably no definite benefit to packing, and patients may have more pain. It is also important to accurately assess the size of the diameter of the abscess. It is the actual size of the cavity – not just the redness on the surface of the skin. We can only assess the size in many cases during exploration of the cavity and with ultrasound. I cannot conclude that all abscesses should not be packed. I think that those greater than 5cm may still benefit, especially if the patient has good follow up. And, of course, pilonidal abscesses are their own special thing. I stopped packing most all of my abscesses 7-8 years ago and have noted no significantly increased rate of return to the ED or complications from patients. I do call families after select procedures to see how they are doing – this is a great way to improve your practice by the way.
Also loop drainage is great… Learn how to do it.”