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Friday, August 27, 2021

ILCOR 2020

EMOttawa - By Renee Bradley - August 26, 2021
Take Home Points
In summary, review of the current literature surrounding three aspects of the new ILCOR 2020 Guidelines, has led us to draw the following conclusions: 
  1. Dual Sequential Defibrillation (DSD): According to ILCOR, DSD is not recommended due to poor evidence on the subject. However, preliminary data from the DOSE-VF trial demonstrates that DSD is likely safe, and possibly more effective than standard defibrillation when used early in shock refractory VF.
  2. PoCUS during Cardiac Arrest: Although not recommended for use by ILCOR guidelines for prognostication during CPR, evidence suggests that POCUS is quite reliable in predicting likelihood of death. It could play a role as an additional data point to assist risk stratification during cardiac arrest. 
  3. Epinephrine use in PEA/Asystole: Early epinephrine use is most beneficial in the non-shockable subgroup. Overall excessive use of epinephrine should be done with caution, as poor neurological outcomes may be encountered.