Monday, November 8, 2021


emDocs - NOVember 08, 2021 - By Elizabeth P. Lanata and Matthew S. Siket
Reviewed by: Alexander Y. Sheng; Alex Koyfman; Brit Long
Summary Points
  • Timely workup and treatment can minimize the risk of developing a subsequent stroke following TIA and much of this work up can be initiated from the ED
  • The Canadian TIA Score combines clinical history and exam finding with neuroimaging to risk stratify patients and better predict the probability of stroke occurring within 7 days of TIA; this risk stratification can help to guide the where and when of the TIA work up
  • Risk Stratification scores alone cannot be used to determine disposition and must be utilized within the larger clinical context
  • Regardless of risk stratification score, all patients with TIA should have a front-loaded work up to decrease potential stroke in the subsequent weeks to months following a TIA (know the pros and limitations of the clinical system you work in)