Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Emergency Medicine Cases (Ep172) - By Helman, A. Carr - August 2022 
In this main episode podcast, Dr. David Carr joins Anton to give us his simplified approach to syncope based solely on history, physical and ECG to help guide disposition decisions. We answer questions such as: What features have the best likelihood ratios to help distinguish syncope from seizure? What key clinical features on history and physical exam can help us distinguish orthostatic and reflex syncope from the more sinister cardiac syncope? What is the best approach to ECG interpretation for the patient who has presents with syncope? Are syncope clinical decision tools any better than physician gestalt? and many more….The ED approach to syncope is almost entirely based on a focused but thorough history, cardiac physical exam and ECG rather than laboratory tests and imaging. The first step is distinguishing syncope from seizure. The next step is distinguishing cardiac from non-cardiac syncope. Our ultimate aim is to make safe disposition decisions based on this approach.