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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Top Trauma Papers EuSEM 2022

St Emlyn´s - By Simon Carley - October 19, 2022
It’s fantastic to be here in Berlin at the 2022 EuSEM conference. All conferences have their own personalities and this is no exception. There is something special about the cosmopolitan nature of EuSEM. It brings so many different healthcare experiences together under one roof, with a feeling that we are all the same, but also slightly different. I find that I learn a lot here from European colleagues who are willing to share, and also from those from further afield. It’s hard to articulate, but it just feels like a really friendly and positive learning experience.
Anyway, back to this year’s top ten trauma papers. In truth it’s been a relatively quiet year which I think reflects the delays to a lot of trials that took place during COVID. Many trauma trials were paused during that time and as a result we will need to wait a little longer for results. On a positive note I’m expecting a bumper year in 2023!
There are some good studies out there though, these are some of my favourites as suggested by friends and colleagues from the St Emlyn’s team and other #FOAMed sites.