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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Pigtail Catheter vs Large Bore Chest Tube

REBEL EM - By Jessica DiPeri - December 01, 2022
Article: Chang, Su-Huan et al. “A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Comparing Pigtail Catheter and Chest Tube as the Initial Treatment for Pneumothorax.” Chest vol. 153,5 (2018): 1201-1212. PMID: 29452099 Prospero: CRD42017078481
Clinical Question: Is a pigtail catheter (PC) more effective than a large bore chest tube (LBCT) for treating pneumothorax?
Author’s Conclusions:We found that for spontaneous pneumothorax, the drainage duration and hospital stay are shorter in the PC group. Furthermore, for secondary spontaneous pneumothorax, the complication rate is significantly lower in the PC group. Collectively, results of the meta-analysis suggest that PC drainage may be considered as the initial treatment option for patients with primary or secondary spontaneous pneumothorax.”
Our Conclusion: We agree with the author’s conclusion. PC performed as well as LBCT in terms of successful drainage and was associated with fewer complications, decreased drainage duration, and decreased length of hospital stay, driven by data on spontaneous pneumothorax.