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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Climate Crisis and EM

canadiem - By Rhiannan Pinnell - February 17, 2022
The growing climate crisis is already profoundly impacting emergency departments across Canada. We have only discussed a few direct health risks, but many more exist.​1,2,9​ This situation will continue to worsen in the coming years. Additionally, malnutrition and childhood exposure to pollution will likely increase susceptibility to chronic disease, increasing ED presentations in the long term.​2,10​ Part two of this series will address the ways in which emergency medicine practice harms the environment, and how we can find opportunities for improvement.

canadiem - By Sarah Walton - March 21, 2023
In taking measures to become informed and active in planetary health, emergency staff can better care for patients of the present and future. At a time when the demands on EM seem to be at their peak, it is essential to maintain a future-oriented view of healthcare delivery that is resilient to the ever-growing incidence of natural disasters outlined clearly in part one of this series. EM has been pivotal in pandemics and crises of the past. The climate emergency is a significant healthcare crisis that we are already facing. Without significant adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, our health systems will not withstand the resulting health effects. Emergency staff can lead the way to system-wide change that ensures quality healthcare delivery for generations to come.