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Monday, March 27, 2023

Optimistic Nihilism

EMOttawa - By Shahbaz Syed - March 23, 2023
Spiritualism represents an important aspect within the domains of wellness. Now, spiritualism is a very personal and individual thing, but having some element of spiritualism has demonstrated benefits to one’s mental health, and our personal philosophies can help shape how we experience the world, and as a result, how medicine can impact us…
The biggest issue with occupational wellness within medicine is the lack of control. A true approach to wellness requires us to acknowledge that there are only certain variables that we do have control over, and ultimately it is our mind within our own control. Our physiologic stress response to the morale distress we encounter, to how our external world influences us is ultimately, within our control.
But controlling our responses takes work, and deliberate practice.
  1. Wellness isn’t fluffy BS
  2. It does take work
  3. You need perspective
  4. Morale distress is inevitable
  5. Personal agency is important and requires reflection
  6. Don’t stress about things that you cannot control
  7. Communicate
  8. Practice mindfulness